The Artwork and Musings of Holly Wells

Perhaps it took a little longer than it ought to have done, but finally I have myself one of these fancy online mind dumps where I can share, well, my artwork and my musings.

So, let’s start of with a little introduction. My name is Holly Wells, living in Kent UK and born in 1990. Technically I think I have to class myself as an adult now. Two years ago I started a small hobby-type business, drawing ink pet portraits on commission, bringing in a little money here and there to help support my other hobby of keeping fancy rats. Sweet Rattery Illustrations (as it was then known) started out from a couple of drawings I did of a friend’s group of ratties. I got a few requests in, and before long I was taking in weekly commissions for rat portraits. Over the course of the first year, I was able to charge a small fee for the drawings, but it was into the latter half of the second year that things really started to take off. I am now working part-time admin for another company, and part-time artist for Sweet Rattery Illustrations, and hope that at some point in the coming year I can finally quit the day job and start doing the artist bit full time.

As wonderful as Facebook has been for getting the business off the ground, for sharing my work and keeping in touch with clients, I wanted to create a little place on the internet where I could, not only share my work, but share my overall appreciation of art in general, with a few stories of my ratties slotted in here and there. I could perhaps also add that I write quite a bit of Fan Fiction, having found myself utterly hooked in that madness earlier this year, but I think maybe I need to work up a little courage and familiarity here first before I share that 😉

So, hello and welcome! The Sweet Gang (AKA The Rat Hoard) and I are pleased to see you here.

Holly x

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