Update on Art Theft Situation

Hi folks!

So, I like to keep this page updated mostly on situations of art theft. Perhaps a little excessive, but it stays at the top of the search engines and means that, no matter how many times someone changes their usernames or what have you, it’ll still be impossible for them to remove any links to themselves and this particular situation.

Believe it or not, this is the SAME person from a year ago. Bore bore. Started my following my followers, I get messages asking if I knew who the person was … lo and behold, I recognise my artwork again. At the time of first writing this post, doodlesxmaria goes by the name of ArtsyKoneko, however she frequently changes her name, so I will just link all of the names below as she makes them:

Her new insta: www.instagram.com/artsykoneko/
or: www.instagram.com/mariaskawaiidoodles

Her personal account, where she uploads stolen content in her stories, is here: www.instagram.com/koneko.maria

She also keeps changing the name of her main account too, so I’ll update them too: http://www.instagram.com/marianicxle

There are some of my older pieces on there she’s still stealing, including the infamous ‘cuddle rats’, but the newest is a trace from a TIMELAPSE video I posted of a commission I was working on. Couldn’t even wait until I posted the finished piece before ripping me off.

And the copy?


I mean, I think she’s gotten a little better? But getting better at tracing isn’t an awful lot to brag about.

It’s a dull dull situation, but let’s not forget these gems …

Guess some people really are just full of crap right to the brim.

I’ll continue to add the ever evolving list of artwork she’s stealing and tracing below:

Holly x

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